"One can never creep when one feels the impulse to soar"
Helen Keller

Watertight Marketing: a unique and powerful methodology that puts you in control of your business growth.

Watertight Marketing is a powerful and practical methodology for putting a marketing operation into a growing business that supports long-term sales results. Developed over twelve years, and tested in over 2000 companies, this unique approach was created by Bryony Thomas and captured in her award-winning book of the same name. Using the proven step-by-step structure, the book is supported by a comprehensive online toolkit and a growing peer community.

Conventionally, marketing challenges are framed in terms of demand generation: ‘we need more visitors on our website’, ‘we need more people in our stores’, ‘we need to sell more tickets’ but responding to these challenges cannot be properly effective without first addressing issues later in the buying journey.

Watertight Marketing is a proven methodology for developing successful Marketing planning and execution. The central metaphor equates water to profit and the methodology identifies 13 influence points on a buying journey when a buyer might quit, known as Touchpoint Leaks.

A Touchpoint Leak™ Assessment looks at your customers’ buying journey and the marketing you already have in place to support that journey. It also identifies where you could be leaking profit through poor or no marketing.

Ultimately it gives you a 12-month action plan that helps you prioritise what leak you need to be address first and those within the first three months.

Without this structure in place, organisations can easily fall into a 'yo-yo' pattern where marketing is unplanned, inconsistent and knee-jerk. Sales can happen but ROI is often disappointing as tactics are used briefly before being discarded, messaging does not have time to create impact and marketing timelines do not match the buying cycle.

Watertight Marketing solves these issues by properly analysing your buyer's journey, planning messaging and tools for each step of the sale and providing your buyer with the resources and time to make a properly informed decision.

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