"Imagination is the highest kite one can fly"
Lauren Bacall

Charities believe digital can help deliver their organisational goals......

.....but they are struggling to articulate a clear vision of how to make this happen. The 2022 Charity Digital Skills report showed that 58% rate their Board's digital skills as low or in need of improvement and 38% think they are poor at keeping up with digital trends. 49% say they are poor at digital fundraising and a similar percentage say this is a top digital priority for the next 12 months.

We first worked on a charity's website in 2013 and since then we have worked with charities and CICs across sectors: helping the homeless, in the arts, in international aid, learning disability, drug and alcohol dependency, fundraising consultancy and inner city empowerment.

No two challenges are the same but what links all our work with charities is a desire to make digital work better for them.
- how do we raise more funds using digital?
- how do we rank well in search so that service users and potential funders can find us?
- if we can no longer provide services in physical locations, how do we use digital to support our service users?
- how do we improve stakeholder management using digital?
- how do we use social networks to help deliver our charitable purpose?
- how do we make our website properly accessible?

We have been fundraisers, charity trustees and mentors ourselves and we have good insight into achieving successful outcomes for our charity clients. We understand that every pound you spend with us is a pound you can't spend on your charitable purpose, so whatever we do for you must have a strong ROI. We know that developing and executing initiatives with charities often takes longer than it would in the commercial world because stakeholder buy-in, in whatever form it takes, is critical to success.

Services we have provided to charities include:
- website design and build
- donor journey optimisation
- website optimisation for SEO
- SEO strategy including keyword lists
- content and social strategy
- Facebook campaigns to sell event tickets
If you think we can help, please get in touch. If we could just work with charity clients, we would!